International perspectives

The international curriculum at IIHM is designed to motivate students to learn holistically through research, field trips, surveys, real-time practice in an attached hotel and develop international perspectives through sharing of ideas with international guest lecturers.

Industry based curriculum

At all levels of study, extreme care is taken to ensure that all the students get enough opportunities to be able to satisfy oneself. The students are engaged in international case studies, essay writing and presentation skills with emphasis on citation, referencing and bibliography.

Real-time practice

In the first two levels of the course the student is regularly exposed to the practices and problems within the hospitality industry through work in the kitchen, the training restaurant and the Front Office Studio and assumes responsibility for managing the operations.

Analytical thinking

In the year 3 the students are challenged intellectually to develop their analytical thinking, sense of responsibility and their holistic approach to solving business problems in the real world.

Research work

Students are also urged to undertake research, analyse results and compile working models related to hotel & hospitality catering industry operations during level three.

Independent learning

Methodology involved here includes intensive independent learning, field trips and surveys, food and beverage event planning and execution, comparing, contrasting & debating established theories.

Our Mentors

Guest lectures and workshops conducted by renowned speakers (from India and abroad) are some of the daily chores in their life at this stage.

SHM & CIH module

The year 3 focuses on strategic hospitality management modules and students are required to present evaluative work on contemporary issues and challenges in the hospitality industry.