IIHM Offers three year Degree Program & International Degree Program in Hotel Management


Option to Study at University of West London, UK along with 12 months Work placement at UK

foreign collaboration with UWL, London, UK

IIHM Awarded Among 'Top Hotel Management Institute of India' By Competition success review (CSR)

Consistently ranked amongst the top hospitality institute

Year 3 at IIHM India Campus or 3 semesters at UWL, London, UK-with 12 months Work placement at UK

Join the industry while doing the course

IIHM’s Top class Faculties form all over the world and strong Industry oriented practical skills and exposes students to an activity based environment

where they develop and nurture their soft skills, with their teamwork and leadership qualities, the Degree level studies provides the student

with sound managerial, entrepreneurial and conceptual foundation. For many students this grounding inspires them to pursue further studies at the masters level

in India and abroad. The business and management skills are highly relevant and desirable across a wide range of other service sectors.

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