Life @ IIHM

We Play hard, we party harder" that is the sprit of IIHM. Life at IIHM is full of Sports, Games, Music, Dance, Dramatics, Fashion Shows, Quiz, Debates, Festivals and Competitions. At IIHM you celebrate every moment of your life.

its your life, make it learge

develop hidden talents

Once you join the institute, you choose to become a fashion model or a stage Singer or a sportstar. Besides, throughout the year life is full of activities developing your hidden talents through various types of talent hunt activities.

day one at IIHM

Sports Activities.

IIHM integrates sport into academic life as we beleave it improve discipline, health, and appetite. We organize various competitions such as football, cricket, table tennis, swimming, basketball, ragbi etc on a periodic basis.

inter college sports

Inter College Fest

Every year students of IIHM organize two days inter-college fest 'RIGOLO' where students of IIHM and other colleges participate in various events as battle of bands, fashion show, Western dance and music etc to rock the City.

we are here to rock the city of joy

Food & Drink Festival

International Food and Drink Festival where over 3000 footfall allows students gain immense exposure and experience over the years. An array of finger licking food from various countries and live performances makes it electrifying.

Monsoon and winter Festival

Social Commitment

One of the most effective ways to prepare students to be more responsible leaders is to give them opportunities to get engaged in less privileged communities. Our students actively participate in social activities by serving food and clothes, tree planting etc.

charity begins at home

Our Students Are On Live

Students of IIHM performed in various realty shows at national and international level such as 'Foodisthan' - realty show of culinary war, organized by NDTV Good times , International Super Chef, organized by Indismart Global to name a few.

showcase real talents

Spirit of Success

The 'mantra' at IIHM is the word 'SUCCESS' and once you will be a family member of IIHM, you will become a part of this spirit of Success.

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