Message from Program Leader - Bangkok

The recent addition to the existing campuses of IIHM is its international campus in Bangkok positioned within the KBU compounds. For IIHM, the partnership with the Kasem Bundit University (KBU) has broadened its areas, both geographically and organically, in order to facilitate educational growth internationally and fulfill it’s desire for being a centre of excellence

with comfortable learning atmosphere, gardens, sports facilities, stylish buildings and learning tools including a training hotel & laboratory blocks for Hotel and Tourism Studies.
The University is spread over26 acres of land area within the surroundings of Bangkok and is equipped with the most modern sports facilities, health centers, swimming pools and halls of student residence designed according to international standards. Strategically,

the campus is made keeping the benefits of the hospitality students in mind. IIHM will also play host to the large numbers of students present in Thailand and other South East Asian countries, who wish to study international hospitality management programme.
The curriculum and the delivery is developed on the UK academic model of education and would provide world-class education in the field of Hospitality / Tourism Management, Hotel, Vocational

training in the areas of Hotel Operations. IIHM leads this partnership arrangement by blending in the courses that are offered by the Edinburgh Napier University thus opening opportunities of higher studies for Indian and Asian students to expand their learning experiences across Asia, the UK and the USA. In addition to this, the Bangkok campus would open the doors for existing students of IIHM so that students can avail of training facilities in more than 300 world-class hotels in Bangkok and the greater parts of Thailand.